Corporate Package

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Try something different! A corporate team building day with a unique spin.

Why should you hold your team building event here at Redlands Shooting Park?

Studies have shown that team building exercises outside of the office create a more collaborative environment in the office. If your team needs a ‘lift’ why not try something different?

1.Increase team moral.

Employees can get trodden down with the daily grind. Off-site team building rewards your employees’ hard work and shows them that they are valuable members of your team. Take them out of the office and participate in an activity that is out of the norm. Give your employees the opportunity to relax and recharge and gives them a renewed energy to return to work and tackle a new series of challenges.

2. Building leadership skills

Take a break from the day-in and day-out with this experience. A change in “the norm” provided by off-site team building activities develops leadership skills in your employees by encouraging them to break out of their comfort zone and take on new roles.

3. Promotes communication

It is a commonly known fact that employees rarely have the opportunity to interact with others outside their own department. By bringing team leaders together in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere outside of the office and participating in an activity that encourages communication and camaraderie you will help build personal connections across departments.

4. Humanizes Management

Not only do your off-site team building efforts affect interactions between employees, they have an impact on the way your team interacts with management. Day after day employees only see managers in supervisory roles, and over time managers can appear unapproachable and distant. During off-site team building activities, your staff will see their managers out of the normal setting of the office. Whether the managers are laughing and making jokes, or failing at the team activity, allowing your employees to see their managers in a non-supervisory role humanizes your managers and makes them approachable.

Team building exercises are not something that you can throw together at the last minute and expect success. Failure to invest time and resources into finding the right activities and the right venue will result in a negative response from your employees. They will see your half-hearted attempt as nothing more than a waste of their time.

All shooters must fill our our WAIVER before shooting.